Black Mesa services

At Black Mesa Cloud, we work with our clients to build the type of infrastructure they need to make their business an efficient powerhouse. Better yet, we do this without the hassle and red tape often found at larger providers. We may not be the biggest guys in town, but with service like this, why would be want to be?


Cloud services include;

  • *Public Cloud
    *Private Cloud
    *Cloud Storage
    *Bare Metal Servers
    *Cloud Apps

Enterprise solutions include;

*Load Balanced & Clustered
*Hybrid Cloud
*Disaster Recovery
*Database Management
*HIPPA Compliance
*Bare Metal Servers

Managed Services include;

*Managed Hosting
*Service Packs
*Managed Add-ons
*Managed Security
*Cloud Storage
*SAP Hosting

Colocation from state-of-the-art facilities in;

*Las Vegas, Nevada
*New York, New York
*Los Angeles, California
*Irvine, California
*Bucharest, Romania
*Amsterdam, Netherlands